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The 30 Best ChatGPT Plugins of July 2023

Our Guide to The 30 Best ChatGPT Plugins of July 2023

Ever wondered what's next for the ChatGPT universe? Well, folks, the future has arrived, and it's not just due to the latest iteration of ChatGPT 4. It's because of the exhilarating range of plugins that have come to play in the ChatGPT playground! Sure, Google has its fantastic new Google PaLM 2 model on the horizon. But let's face it, OpenAI's product is still the hot topic of the town.
Are you a ChatGPT newbie or simply didn't know about the plugins? No worries! We've got your back. Today, I'm going to take you on a marvelous journey through the Top 30 ChatGPT Plugins that are sure to rock your world in July 2023!
  • Imagine having a wizard conjure up the perfect chat prompts for your ChatGPT. That's what Prompt Perfect does! This beauty lets you smoothly draft prompts, making your interaction with the AI chatbot a breeze. And here's the best part - you just need to add "perfect" before your prompt, and voila! The plugin will magically transform your prompt to make it more attractive to ChatGPT. Intriguing, right?
  • This is like a Swiss Army Knife of ChatGPT plugins. There's an AI For That houses a massive database of various tools you might need in your day-to-day life, from image editors to PDF converters, and much more. Just ask, and you shall receive!
  • Are you an adventurous soul always on the lookout for the next exciting thing to do? If yes, say hello to GetYourGuide, the plugin that brings a world of activities, tours, and attractions to your fingertips. Simply mention a location, and let GetYourGuide do the rest. Ready for your next adventure?
  • If you're a workaholic or a marketer, Zapier is your knight in shining armor. This ChatGPT plugin eliminates pesky workflows and allows you to interact with over 5,000 different work apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, Slack, and more. I mean, who needs a separate mail client when you've got Zapier, right?
  • Imagine a tool that creates a captivating video from stock footage based on just a few inputs from you. Well, meet Visla, the plugin that does just that. Fill in a few parameters and get ready to be amazed by the video Visla crafts for you. Fair warning: it might take a minute, but it's worth the wait!
  • Does the name sound too technical? Well, that’s because it is! Wolfram is the master of all trades, from solving computations and math problems to providing real-time data. So whether you're trying to create a genealogical tree or an audio spectrogram, Wolfram is your guy!
  • Finding the right language tutor can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, right? Enter Amazing Talker, your personal language tutor locator. This ChatGPT plugin connects you to teachers across the globe, providing personalized courses for any learning goal you have. Ready to take on that language barrier?
  • Who needs a bunch of Chrome extensions when you can just use Link Reader, a ChatGPT plugin that reads the content of all kinds of links for you, including webpages, PDFs, images, and more. Just provide the link, and let ChatGPT and Link Reader do the heavy lifting.
  • Calling all creative folks! Stories is a ChatGPT plugin that lets you weave your own tales, literally. Just provide a prompt, and Stories will create a beautiful story inside a vintage-style book, complete with AI-generated images. And guess what? You can even order a hardcover of your masterpiece!
  • For all the language enthusiasts out there, Speak is a godsend. This ChatGPT plugin can teach you to say anything in other languages, making it your personal language tutor. From translation to conjugations, Speak's got you covered.
  • Are you tired of sending out countless resumes and receiving naught but silence in return? Fret not, my friend! Allow me to introduce you to your new secret weapon - Resume Copilot. This ChatGPT plugin works like a personal career counselor dedicated to helping you stand out in the cutthroat job market.
    Resume Copilot is not just any plugin; it's your faithful sidekick, ensuring your resume is tailor-made for the job you're eyeing while being optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Yes, you heard that right! It's like having your own qualified career coach who knows exactly how to make recruiters take notice.
  • Who doesn't love music, right? MixerBox OnePlayer, a ChatGPT plugin, is your personal DJ. Just let it know your taste, and it will create a playlist for you. And all the songs are free, as they lead to YouTube videos. Sounds like music to my ears!
  • For all you data enthusiasts, meet Quiver Quantitative, your personal financial analyst. Dive into a sea of data about congressional stock trading, lobbying activities, insider trading, and upcoming legislation. Now that's what I call a deep dive!
  • Ready to take flight in the vast cyber universe? I've got the perfect copilot for you - the Browser Pilot plugin. This nifty assistant has the power to transform your ChatGPT into a fully-equipped online explorer.
    All you need to do is provide a URL or multiple URLs, and let Browser Pilot steer you through the information highway. Whether you're hunting for the latest fashion trends, scouting for delectable restaurants, checking out vacation rentals, or even just curious about the weather, this tool is your reliable wingman
  • For all your basic image editing needs, Image Editor is your go-to plugin. Whether it's resizing, cropping, blurring, or rotating the image, Image Editor has got you covered. And the best part? You don’t even need to open Photoshop for that!
  • GameSight is a gamer's paradise. Whether you're looking for game reviews, popular games, indie games, announcements, or game-related content, GameSight has it all!
  • In this fast-paced world, staying updated is a must. World News, a ChatGPT plugin, brings the latest global news to you. Remember, staying informed is staying ahead!
  • VoxScript is a super plugin that fetches YouTube video details and even its transcript in a detailed manner. But the magic doesn't stop there. It can also comb through financial sources and even get you Google search results for more data.
  • Chess, as the name suggests, lets you play an intense game against ChatGPT. So, if you're a chess enthusiast, you're going to love this!
  • Imagine you're on a quest for a new laptop, yet you're determined to bag the best deal out there. Your knight in shining armor is the Klarna ChatGPT plugin. Dive into thousands of online shops right from ChatGPT, compare prices, and secure the best deal. Happy shopping!
  • Change is an altruistic plugin that lists local nonprofits around your location to which you can donate. It's a great way to give back to the community.
  • Finally, a Meme Generator inside of ChatGPT! This fun ChatGPT plugin generates hilarious memes on any topic you provide. If you're feeling low or just want to have a laugh, give this plugin a shot.
  • Creating forms for studies or infographics can be a hassle. But not anymore, thanks to Questmate Forms! With this ChatGPT plugin, creating all types of forms is as easy as pie.
  • Isn't planning a trip like juggling too many balls at once? Now, close your eyes and imagine coordinating your entire trip - flights, stay, activities, all from one place. Open your eyes and welcome the Expedia ChatGPT plugin - your personal trip planner guiding you toward a seamless and stress-free travel experience.
  • Podcast enthusiasts, rejoice! LikeWise is a ChatGPT plugin that helps you discover the best podcasts depending on your mood or genre. So, go ahead and discover some amazing audio content!
  • If you're a visual learner, Show Me is going to be your best friend. This ChatGPT plugin can create real-time diagrams of almost all types. So, the next time you need a diagram, don't sweat it. Show Me has got your back!
  • Attention foodies! OpenTable, one of the most efficient ChatGPT plugins, is here to make your restaurant bookings a child's play. Just feed in the basic details – date, time, location, and the number of people, and you're all set. OpenTable will find perfect dining spots for you and even pre-fill your reservation details. How cool is that?
  • If you're a foodie, you're also going to love Instacart! This ChatGPT plugin helps you with recipes and even provides a detailed breakdown of the steps. And here's the best part - it leads you to its main service page, where you can buy the ingredients in real time. Bon Appétit!
  • Planning a trip? Kayak, a ChatGPT plugin, is your perfect travel buddy. It not only helps you book flights and hotels but also provides personalized travel recommendations. Feed in your basic details, and let Kayak do the rest.
  • Argil AI is like your personal AI artist. This fantastic plugin allows you to generate images right within ChatGPT. Just describe the image and watch as Argil AI brings it to life. Just think about the possibilities!
Remember how I started this journey with a question – what's next for the ChatGPT universe? Well, after our whirlwind tour through those 30 mind-blowing plugins, I think we've found our answer. The power and potential of ChatGPT plugins truly are the "next" in the ChatGPT universe.
To understand this, let's take a step back and reflect on what our exploration through these diverse plugins has truly revealed. What we see is a harmonious blend of artificial intelligence and practical utility, seamlessly intertwining to create a universe of possibilities. From Prompt Perfect's ability to enhance your prompts and thus your conversations with the AI, to OpenTable's knack for effortless restaurant reservations, each plugin brings a unique functionality to the table.
However, their power extends beyond just their individual capabilities. The true magic lies in how these plugins augment the ChatGPT experience as a whole, transforming it into a versatile platform for learning, productivity, and entertainment.
Think about it. With plugins like Wolfram, your ChatGPT isn't just a conversational bot, but a real-time data provider and a problem solver. With Zapier, it extends its reach to thousands of work apps, becoming your personal assistant. Kayak transforms it into your travel agent, Link Reader into your personal content curator, and Argil AI into your digital artist.
The list goes on, with each plugin expanding the boundaries of what ChatGPT can do, pushing it from a mere AI chatbot towards being a comprehensive digital companion.
These plugins signify a paradigm shift in how we perceive artificial intelligence. They illustrate that AI isn’t just a tool that responds to and learns from human inputs. Instead, it's a dynamic entity that adapts and evolves to cater to a wide array of human needs and tasks. And in doing so, it becomes an integral part of our daily lives, woven into the fabric of our routines.
The power of ChatGPT plugins lies not just in their individual functionalities but in their collective ability to elevate the AI chatbot experience. They expand the scope of ChatGPT, transforming it from a one-dimensional tool into a multi-faceted platform. They bring the future of artificial intelligence to our fingertips, and let's be honest here - isn't that just fantastic?
These are our Top 30 ChatGPT plugins that can revolutionize your AI chatbot experience. Try them out, and let us know what you think!